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毫无疑问,纸杯蛋糕是用来随身携带的. 不像蛋糕, which are perfectly happy sitting on a countertop waiting to be eaten by whomever appears, 纸杯蛋糕真的很想与为它而生的人分享. 纸杯蛋糕需要安全送到这些人手中,这可能是个问题. 在包, 他们得到了, 在盒子里, 他们横着, 这是不可接受的,因为纸杯蛋糕最重要的是外观. 所以ca88会员登录入口才有小蛋糕运输车.

How to choose your cupcake carrier: How many cupcakes do you usually transport from your kitchen to other places? 你喜欢什么样的风格:可爱、优雅、实用? 厨房的储物空间是个问题吗? 尽可能多地看一看,然后做出决定. All of the carriers in this list have different advantages, from size to presentation.


最佳整体: 北欧杯形蛋糕承运人



这款来自Nordic Ware的经典纸杯蛋糕运输车应有尽有! 它是好看的, 坚固的, 还能适应一打小蛋糕, 一个9 x 13英寸的蛋糕, 饼, 甚至熟食店.

测量16.2 x 11 x 4.75英寸,只有1磅重.8磅,这种载体是由双酚a和三聚氰胺制成的 复古的淡蓝色或亮红色塑料. 底部的扇形边缘反映在每个纸杯蛋糕架上, 这使得它也可以用作托盘. Snap-up locking handles and a clear domed lid round out the rest of the well-designed details. 这艘航母是美国制造的.S.,放在冰箱里是安全的,而且可以抵抗异味.

最佳迷你: 威尔顿终极三合一小蛋糕球童和搬运工



迷你纸杯蛋糕运输车可不容易找. Wilton solved the problem by creating this very flexible 3-In-1 cupcake caddy and carrier.

这个载体可以容纳12个纸杯蛋糕, 24迷你蛋糕, 一个10英寸的圆形蛋糕, 或者一个9 x 13英寸的矩形蛋糕. 是可逆的基底使它起作用的! 当你需要托盘的时候,底座也可以被移走. The carrier closes securely with its four large latches and can be easily carried by its 坚固的 handle. 整个载体由白色塑料和紫色细节组成,长度为13.75 x 7.25 x 3.95英寸,可以用洗碗机清洗.

最好一次性: Decony Clear纸杯蛋糕盒

Decony Clear纸杯蛋糕盒


Disposable carriers come in handy you don't make enough cupcakes to warrant a regular carrier or simply need to drop off a small batch. These clear plastic disposable cupcake carriers are also great for bakers who like to decorate.

身高4英寸, these disposable cupcake boxes can accommodate the tallest decorations and toppings! The container's hinged lid has two lock tabs that hold it firmly closed during travel or storage, 而且很容易打开服务. 每艘航母有6个隔间, 包括12艘航母, 光滑的塑料不含bpa.

最好的两层: VonShef纸杯蛋糕存储分级货架



Tiered carriers comes in handy when you need to transport more than a dozen standard-size cupcakes. This two-tier cupcake carrier from VonShef is capable of storing and transporting up to 24 cupcakes with ease.

Clamps on the sides of each tier assure that the levels will be completely secure with no twisting or falling. 外扣形成一个密封密封时,关闭将 保持纸杯蛋糕新鲜,纤细的提手,方便携带. 货架也适用于半板蛋糕!

洗碗机安全, 这艘航母很坚固, 总重量为4磅, 维度为14.6 x 10.6 x 7.9英寸. An interesting aspect of The VonShef Company its publicly stated humanitarian mission against “modern slavery within their global supply chain,” which details its goals as well as how they are monitored by annual reviews of the program’s effectiveness, progress, 和目标.

最好的三层: DuraCasa蛋糕载体



Whether it's simply that two tiers aren't enough for your regular cupcake needs or you're branching out into bigger batches, ca88会员登录入口可以选择将其划分为三层. DuraCasa的三层球童可以帮助你以时尚的方式运输你的纸杯蛋糕.

该载体可以运输和存储最多36个纸杯蛋糕或3个矩形蛋糕, 但对其他烘焙食品也很好,比如 多层蛋糕 和巨大的饼干. 尺寸为14 x 10 x 10英寸, the clear plastic exterior has a top handle and a secure locking system that holds three pink or purple trays. The trays have molded cupcake inserts and can be flipped to a flat surface for cakes. 载体是由无双酚a塑料制成,并附有终身保修期.

最佳可折叠: 可压扁的纸杯蛋糕和蛋糕载体



The advantage of this carrier is that it can be flattened for space-saving storage! This round cupcake carrier is part of the line of collapsible kitchen products from Squish.

The collapsible cupcake and cake carrier can hold up to 24 cupcakes on two levels of round trays, 哪个也能装下两个10英寸的圆形蛋糕还是一个12英寸的圆形蛋糕. The removable trays have recesses to cut down on mess and can be used as serving platters. 它配有尼龙带,便于携带, 当不用的时候, 能折成原来的一半大小吗. 由不含bpa的塑料制成, 用洗碗机清洗很方便.

最佳单: 狐狸跑粉色塑料纸杯蛋糕打包盒



有时候你只需要保证一个小蛋糕的安全, 这就是这个小蛋糕承运商的完美之处! 它的优势是绝对可爱. The clear plastic “icing piled high” lid snaps neatly onto the pink cupcake-shaped base, which is fitted with an inside compartment to hold the cupcake in place to prevent damage. 高度为4.3英寸,整个载体可以拿在手里.

最好的演讲: PL8 24送纸杯蛋糕

PL8 24纸杯蛋糕支架

由Bed bath&beyond提供

Many cupcake carriers are utilitarian and not meant for beautifully exhibiting your cupcakes. This option from PL8 is meant to do both: it looks good while getting the job done.

This gorgeous three-tier cupcake carrier is constructed of a clear plastic cover with a small handle on top. Clasps on the bottom help the cover fit securely over the scalloped-edged white tiers. 不锈钢丝口音完成的外观, 而内部托盘可以作为一个美丽的展示架双重功能! The 15-inch high carrier holds up to 24 cupcakes or one 9-inch layer cake and collapses for storage.

最佳蛋糕-Shaped: Cuisinart 蛋糕-Shaped载体

Cuisinart 蛋糕-Shaped载体


喜欢亮粉色和可爱的人,团结起来! 这款来自美膳雅的纸杯蛋糕载体是为您量身定做的! 13个.5-inch tall carrier holds up to 24 cupcakes over its three layers in the solid pink base, 而透明上衣则可以展示你的装饰技巧. 底部和顶部都是由无bpa塑料制成的,以及锁闩和携带手柄. 清洁很容易,因为这是洗碗机安全,并具有终身保修.


如果你在找适应性强的小蛋糕搬运工, 经典, 既时尚又结实, 你应该考虑北欧杯形蛋糕承运人 (视图在亚马逊). 双工PL8 24小蛋糕运输车(视图在亚马逊) also stands out for being both elegant as a tiered display and hardworking as a carrier. 



When shopping for a cupcake carrier, how you will use it is the most important consideration. 想想你使用它的频率, 你通常需要运送多少个小蛋糕, and whether it would be convenient to have one with the ability to hold other baked goods. 小蛋糕球童可以装一个小蛋糕到三打小蛋糕. 一些适合迷你纸杯蛋糕,还有一些包括一个平面的蛋糕和饼干.


蛋糕 carriers are almost always plastic because it's lightweight and easy to carry. 寻找 不含bpa成分的塑料 高的眼睑为糖霜留出了足够的空间. 可重复使用的球童很容易清洗,有些可以用洗碗机清洗. 当你能把球童带回家的时候那就太好了, disposable ones may be a good option if you regularly drop off cupcakes as a gift or for an event. 确保它们是可回收的.


Where you will store the cupcake carrier when not using it is an important consideration, 特别是如果你有一个小厨房或家庭. 多层和高容量的选择将占用更多的空间. 如果你的空间有限,可折叠的版本是方便的. 然而, 没有纸杯蛋糕层的支持, the mechanism that allows them to fold down for storage may wear out over time and slide down onto a tall cake.



最好避免提前太久做小蛋糕. 虽然它们可以被冷冻(最好没有结霜), 在最好的条件下,纸杯蛋糕只能保鲜几天. 蛋糕 carriers are designed for travel, and they're not always the best airtight container. 一般来说,纸杯蛋糕在罐里存放的时间不超过一夜. Be sure to create refrigerator space for the carrier if the frosting contains custard, 乳制品, 或鸡蛋.


蛋糕的模具 are convenient because they prevent cupcakes from sticking to the pan and make sharing them easy and sanitary. 它们还能让你快速清洗松饼罐. 不过,你不一定要买衬垫. 一个很好的选择是切5英寸的方形羊皮纸, 然后把这些压在松饼模里. 边角会升到纸杯蛋糕上方形成优雅的郁金香风格设计. 必要时,铝箔纸也能起作用.


你不需要抹纸杯蛋糕衬垫, 但如果你想完全避免班轮, 你需要准备好你的松饼锅. 用黄油或酥油轻轻涂在每个洞上, then sprinkle flour on top (cocoa powder is an excellent alternative for chocolate cupcakes). 为了分发面粉,把平底锅翻过来,同时轻轻敲打底部. 烘焙后,让你的纸杯蛋糕冷却大约10分钟,然后取出. 如果你需要把它们撬出来,一把黄油刀会很有用,但要温柔.


凯伦时候伸出 is a writer specializing in food culture and history, cooking, pastries, and restaurants. 她以前也是一名糕点师,去过布达佩斯, 基辅, 在巴黎时装周期间担任摄影师和作家, 一路上总能找到最正宗的糕点. She now spends a lot of her free time baking at home and recommends quality within your given budget. Having the right tools available and knowing how to use them well (it can take practice, 像任何其他的)使所有的不同, 她是出于这个考虑才列出这张清单的.

Freelance writer and cocktail book author 科琳·格雷厄姆 is a seasoned mixologist who loves sharing her knowledge of spirits and passion for preparing drinks.
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