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云杉吃/ 苏西邓达斯

  • 拿着很方便设计

  • 适合大多数杯托

  • Amazing heat retention; great for all-day coffee drinkers

  • 锁定机制有助于防止泄漏

  • 塑料零件好像掉在地上就会碎

  • 需要拆开彻底清洗


具有良好的保温性, the 象印 Stainless Steel Travel Mug wowed us during testing. Add a reasonable price tag to the mix and this is truly a smart buy. 




云杉吃/ 苏西邓达斯

We purchased the 象印不锈钢杯 so our reviewer could put it to the test in her kitchen. 请继续阅读ca88会员登录入口的完整产品评论.

If you like to drink coffee while commuting to work (or just get frustrated with beverages that don’t stay hot), 你可能考虑过 旅行杯 比如象印不锈钢杯. Travel mugs are designed to keep beverages hot for hours on end while also ensuring against spills and messes you’d make while trying to travel with a traditional coffee mug. Like the 象印, most are tall and narrow so they’re easy to hold in one hand. We tried out the 象印 for a few weeks to see how it’d hold up to being thrown in our purse, 在办公室里四处走动, 热饮和冷饮交替饮用. Read on for our assessment of its design, material, insulation performance, and price. 

云杉吃/ 苏西邓达斯


象印马克杯看起来和市场上的其他马克杯很像. It’s tall with a flip-top lid and comes in a variety of color options from smoky blue to lavendar. Though it’s rather basic from the outside, it houses a few noteworthy features.

The first thing you’ll notice about this 旅行杯 is that it has a flip top, 这有几个目的. It helps prevent against leakage and spills by covering the sipping hole while also keeping the mouthpiece more sanitary, 因为不用的时候它会被完全覆盖. 

During testing, we found having the top locked down was an effective tool for preventing leaks.

A nice feature of this particular mug is that the flip-top cover has a lock. During testing, we found having the top locked down was an effective tool for preventing leaks. Both the lock and the button to flip the lid can be operated with one hand—a plus for on-the-go sips, 就像你在开车的时候. 

象印 also claims that the lock is designed in such a way as to prevent errant condensation droplets from flying at you when the lid opens. We didn't find that this bottle flung droplets any more or less than other mugs with flip-up tops, but if you’re concerned about coffee-staining a light-colored shirt, 你会感激额外的努力. A potential design flaw in the 象印 Mug could be the number of parts. 除了瓶子本身, 有盖子的, 它至少有六个小部件, 包括一个可拆卸的小口片, 两个橡胶瓶塞, 多片塑料铰链, 至少有一个金属弹簧. 在ca88会员登录入口的测试, ca88会员登录入口完全没有遇到任何破裂或开裂的问题, 但这个瓶子似乎不是特别耐用. 对于正常的办公室使用应该绰绰有余, but it may not be able to survive drops in your driveway or falls from the cupholder on a bike.

云杉吃/ 苏西邓达斯 


The 象印 Mug is made primarily from stainless steel (18/8 stainless steel, to be exact) while the lid and accompanying parts are made from BPA-free plastic

The mug is quite lightweight at just 9 ounces, but it houses two layers of closely stacked steel. The small gap in between the chambers has the air vacuumed out, so it doesn’t conduct heat. What that means is that the heat from your hot coffee won’t transfer to the outer layer of the mug. This prevents it from being too hot to hold and ensures the heat stays trapped in the inner chamber.


We can’t 说 enough good things about the insulative properties of this mug. ca88会员登录入口测试了它的性能, filling it with coffee and checking in periodically to see how hot it stayed. ca88会员登录入口在下午4:50开始测试,结果是一个错误. With the lid closed the whole time, the coffee was still too hot to drink by 7:27 PM. 在这一点上, 晚上10点09分再次入住前,ca88会员登录入口打开了顶盖, 结果发现天还是很热. Rather than calling the test a success, we instead snapped the top back on and left it overnight. Excitingly, the coffee was still warm enough to drink at 8:15 AM the next morning. While it certainly wasn’t the same temperature as when it was poured in, 天气仍然很暖和. 这大大超出了象印自己的估计, as the manufacturer website only claims to keep drinks hot (up to 147°F) for six hours. ca88会员登录入口认为他们可以将这个估计翻一番,仍然是正确的. 

We can’t 说 enough good things about the insulative properties of this mug.

A highlight feature of the 象印 Mug is its wide opening, which allows for full-sized ice cubes. After a second test to see how long it could keep beverages cool for, we found it excelled again. ca88会员登录入口在早上9点40分把杯子装满了水和冰. 整个白天和晚上都是冰封的, 第二天早上,大部分地方还是冻着的. 所有结果被认为是, we’d confident 说ing the 象印 can’t be beat when it comes to insulation. 

云杉吃/ 苏西邓达斯


而象印马克杯就没有那么难清洗了, 说, 搅拌机, it does have several different pieces that need to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid staining and mildew build-up. 幸运的是, the plastic sipping piece and rubber gasket on the lid can be popped out easily and cleaned separately. Unfortunately, it’s not dishwasher-safe, so it’ll need to be hand-washed after each use.


如果这是你的第一个旅行杯, 25美元似乎花了很多钱, but the 象印’s price is fairly in line with the competition. 一个12盎司的版本大约便宜2美元, 但ca88会员登录入口认为16盎司的咖啡对于大多数通勤者来说是最理想的尺寸. 考虑到这个杯子很好用, we’re pleased to see it’s priced below some less-effective competitors like the YETI Rambler. 

不锈钢马克杯vs. contgo Autoseal西环不锈钢旅行杯

的先驱者 和Contigo 是开车上下班的好选择吗, 多亏了一个高个子, 杯架友好设计和防溢出盖子. They can also both be operated with one hand and were able to keep our coffee hot for six hours or more (though the 象印 mug was closer to 12). 这取决于你的通勤方式. If you commute by bike or on foot and need a mug that’s completely spill-proof (even if turned upside down or thrown in a backpack) go with the Contigo.  



不过象印承诺,饮料会保持6个小时的热度, 在现实中, 它让他们热了将近两倍的时间. 虽然这个杯子擦起来有点麻烦, its stellar insulation and middle-of-the-road price point have us wholly won over. 


  • 产品名称 不锈钢杯
  • 产品品牌 象印
  • 或然数 SM-KHE48AG
  • 价格 $25.89
  • 重量 9 oz.
  • 产品尺寸 2.8 x 2.8 x 9.1 in.
  • Color Smoky blue, champagne gold, black, lavender pink, stainless, deep cherry, emerald
  • 材料 不锈钢和无bpa塑料
  • 质量保证: 5年的制造商质保包括工艺缺陷, 但不是正常的磨损或美容问题
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  1. 疾病控制和预防中心. 双酚A (BPA)概况介绍.